Monday, April 28, 2008

What a Week..

A few weeks ago, I posted a blog about wandering around the American Cancer Society sim, meeting new people and seeing SL in a very different light.

Well. After I met Bryan and Glenna, things took on a life of their own. They introduced me to Arizona who helped me join Team Relay Rockers in the Relay for Life (a division of the American Cancer Society). She gave me donation kiosks, notecards, guidelines and more.

As Borday would say, my wheels started turning (faint burning smell generally indicates that..). I knew that running a one day party/event would be tricky. It always conflicts with someone's schedule - work/DJing (ahem)..and then we all know RL sneaks in and takes over on the weekends as well. So I figured..a week long event. Everyone would have a chance to catch at LEAST one night, right?

So many clubs, so many choices - each owner always MORE than willing to be generous with their club space and time. But the club I spend the most time (and came equipped with my two favorite DJs) was The Bee Hive owned by, none other than the always willing to help, Busybee Beaver. I think her return IM to my initial inquiry came about two seconds after I sent it. Zero hesitation. :)

The plan? We'd run a week long event - during the usual Bee Hive operating hours - encouraging everyine to put all tips into the donation kiosks. Usual contest money was thrown in as well, with contest winners for the nightly themes receiving goodies from our favorite designers/builders.

And when I IMed my most excellent partner in crime, Kim, for help? Another "YES!" IM with zero hesitation. And everyone knows, when you have a partner in crime, only good things can follow.

So with Kim, Busy, Borday and Crighton on board to give up their time and money for a good cause, we got to planning. Theme nights..prizes..freebie give aways. The whole nine. The culmination of our madness was to be a Spank Pack auction - where you could buy your own member of the Spank Pack for a PG date of your choosing.

With generous hot spots and builders - like Moxie, Alternate Metaverse, Realasm, the Savoy, Jenda, Am, Cataplexia and Bill - we were stocked with great stuff!

And so the week started with the Brandefuzzism's kicking off in high gear. 15,000L on the first night from the generous trivia fiends!

Gilligan's Island docked at the Bee Hive, as did "Wear Your RFL Gear" night.

Friendly Fire came in and ROCKED the house for Party Like a Rockster night. We couldn't have asked for anything better than REAL rockstars to tear the Bee Hive up.

A few insanely organized e-mails from Kim and fright inducing IMs with Crighton brought us to the auction night.

And so..we all kinda had little mini-freak outs. What if nobody showed? What if nobody bid on it? What if we didn't meet our 50,000L goal (I had 50,000L, and Kim was optimistic with 100,000L)? What if we had gotten all dolled up for nothing (do the guys even HAVE these fears? If so, they SO don't show it)?!

And the night began. Crighton reads the notecards, Kim and I shouted our asses off - trying to keep up with the bids and chat and the music. And everyone came out. I mean..EVERYONE came out to support support the Bee Hive..and ultimately to support the Relay for Life. Bidding wars broke out - both hysterical and awe inducing (the amounts were insane). Heck, even I got swept up, bidding 20,000L (uhm..I don't HAVE 20, I prayed a little for someone to bid higher..ROFL). A phone in bid was placed for Busy by Ehric (with a slight threat of abuse if anyone dared go higher). I put my gun away and let Moo go up (though I think he went for far less than he's worth because people were afraid of getting shot..). Jenda took the lead, netting 40,000L (for a PG date!) as we all gawked at the kiosk which now well surpassed 100,000L.

Well, I'm glad *I* didn't have to follow Jenda in the lineup (sorry, Kim) - talk about scary! But we ladies didn't do too badly.

And at the end of the night? We had raised 233,030L. Almost $900US.

I think I was just short of passing out.

I was tired. Kinda felt like I'd been yelling for two hours in RL. LOL !

But..I was wired and giddy.

I counted and re-counted and triple-counted the kiosk totals. The amount was really right.

I think I may have told everyone at the Bee Hive (post-party) that I loved them..fifteen times. LOL
My fears..well..they had washed away when I shed my clothes to dance around in a bikini. And now..I was just so..happy. To feel like we'd done something to fight this monster that, as you all know, touches everyone.
I can't thank everyone enough to being a part of this - for working with me, the Relay Rockers and the Relay for Life, to help the American Cancer Society work towards a cure. I can't thank you enough for donating your time, your money and your energy into this week. This would never have been such a great success without you all. A Friendly Fire..well, they donated their time and tips and rocked the house. Thank you Case and Mack for being such great supporters of the RFL.
And a special thanks to Kim..because without her, I think it's certain I would have drowned. :) Thanks for being my smilie face life preserver Kim.
And now..some pics!

And now? Post-fundraising week?

Well..I'm just taking it easy now. :) Because I'm pooped.

Until next time,


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Kimala said...

soak that sun up GF :) you did an amazing job this past week! I'm still in shock I think with the success of it all and the generousity of everyone.

I promise to not send any more super organized emails this week :) but only this week - no future promises.

(insert evil laugh here)