Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Fashion Showcase #1: ~flirt~

So last night was the first featured designer of the Fashion Showcase at the Bee Hive, ~flirt~. Skinkie Winkler set up some amazing pieces, put out some freebies and even donated three exclusive pieces to the club for the contest winners.

A tiny pony wandered in and was kind enough to keep my company while I sent out notices and handled last minute IMs.

I can’t even lie, though. I was NERVOUS.

What if nobody showed? What if I had just wasted Skinkie’s time?

And then BrookeMaree gave me a buzz. She was coming, and sending a notice out to her group too. Skinkie was sending one to ~flirt~ and FashionCon. I covered the Bee Hive group and Borday’s group.

And in seconds the first person appeared.

And then the second.

And then there were fifteen.

And the number rose and fell and rose.

My usual faves like Jessa came by (in dragon form no less!).

People came for the jewelry, came for the freebies and came for the contest of most creative profile picture. And then..they stayed. We laughed, and joked..and had a good club time (the pony even scripted a pony dance!).

Aeryn and Kim came by (but they forgot their does one forget freebies?!) and supported the showcase. Carly and Josh stayed the night with us, modeling their own ~flirt~ jewelry for everyone to see.

And Sachi from Adam N Eve even popped in for a moment sporting new Brad Pitt-ish skin she was making.

The night was amazing. The Showcase was amazing. And the people that took time out of their schedules to party with us were amazing! I can’t thank you all enough. I really appreciate everyone that supports us at the Bee Hive.

And so you know, I’ve been dipping my pixilated fingers in all kinds of pots – so I’m not ignoring anyone. I do have a few non-fashion/non-club things on my plate that I’m setting up and working hard on. I hope to share those soon!

Thank you Skinkie for working with me on this. You are an AMAZING jewelry designers.. :) and a wonderful friend as well.

And of course, the most fabulous Borday is there, at my side, not complaining at all through my wacky ideas. So I extend a special thank you and SMOOCH to him. He’s the Desi to my Lucy. Hoooooo!

In the meantime, I’ll keep going, trying to lure more designers in with my charm.

See you at the next fashion showcase! July 1st will be Adam N Eve! I’m so psyched about it – and you should be too!


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