Monday, June 2, 2008

Home Sweet..New Home?

So it seems like I just moved, no? From Sporks’ home of Deyo to Blissie’s Retreat in Bayou. Well, get ready. We’ve moved again. This time, we’ve moved to Marinero. Hooo!

A sailing sim for Moo with prims aplenty for me to gobble up. Like Hannah, it’s the best of both worlds!

I finally have a WHOLE kitchen out – WITH FOOD! I’ve even got my beloved cupcakes out! You can’t imagine my excitement. Moo has his pirate niche and I have my beachy snuggle spots.

And our snowy skybox? Well. It’s gone.

That’s not to say we won’t have a snowy spot again someday – just not right now.

But I have some great stuff out to play with – spots to just hang out and chat.

And the most excellent Beverly Zauberflote (from Witchy Woman Designs – where you MUST go if you’ve never been) who custom designed my beloved Blissie Tulip furniture (which you can buy too!) even gave me the thumbs up last night for the island. (Funny side story. I gave Bev the LM to the island so she could wander freely. So after Moo’s show we get home exhausted, get into our kinda nekkid clothes and then POOF..Bev appears on the bridge. And I’m laughing, and Borday’s looking for pants..and it was just awesomely funny..and it’s the kind of thing that makes you laugh the next day..). Thanks, Bev!

Our house is down on the island, so I welcome you to pop in and look around (though, the house has security and only a select few are built in – may want to drop me an IM first..LOL).

If you have a boat, feel free to come down and sail around. There are ten sims you can sail to. There’s a carpet ride through the entire area at the main hub.

All in all, it’s a pretty nice place. And yes, I’ll be having a party soon.

I hope to see you drop by the island.



Parker said...

It sounds like a perfect haven for you. Enjoy!!!!

Kimala said...

I love your new place Blissie! And, I love the exercise you can get just running from one place to the next. On my tour, I couldn't believe there was more... I kept asking you that too... More? You mean there is MORE?

Rachel has asked if you can hang out with her today. She's tired of boys and brothers. Are you free? :)

Kimala said...

Oh... and Moo... I love your new place too :)

Bliss said...

Awww..I'll always hang out with Rach. :) She can come lay on the beach with me!