Saturday, June 28, 2008

You, Me and The Hulk..

So I have a guilty little confession.

I’m a comic book junkie.

Always have been, and I always will be.

I’m mainly an X-Men love with the stories, the art and the ASS KICKING!

Something about the fantastic..and the unsual is alluring – seductive, almost.

Something about the ability to do more than an average create fire from your fingertips, control the weather, move things with your’s so amazing. Just the CONCEPT..the “what if?” scenario. What if I could..what would I do? Would I be a hero? Would I be a villain? Would I live life quietly, wishing I never had that ability?

Let’s just say..I could go ON and ON about this forever. LOL

Moving on to my original point..

We went to see The Incredible Hulk today..and I’ve gotta say..

I love the Hulk. general. I love the story of Bruce Banner..and the way he IS a good guy – just with a small Jekkyl and Hyde problem.

But hey, who here doesn’t have a temper of SOME kind? Even the kindest soul has a limit.

Admit it 0 you know..we all have that problem – not to the Hulk’s extent..but when enough’s enough..come on! Who here hasn’t had a single moment where they’ve thought of kicking someone 500 feet away because they’re ANNOYING as all heck?

So anyway, back to my love of the Hulk.

He’d make a great boyfriend, I think. He’s very manly..and to the point..and loyal, I bet..and probably kinda snuggly. know..HA! I’ll keep the rest to myself.

He’s a hero ultimately – though he may not feel like one. He fights because he HAS to. He has to defend defend his defend those around him from others like him. An unlikely hero, so to speak.

Do you watch superhero movies? Superman..Batman..X-Men..Spiderman..Iron-Man..Hulk..? Do you walk out of the theater feeling powerful? Unstoppable? Untouchable! I do. I always feel like..I live in this world..of bills, responsibility and work. But. I belong on that other world. The world filled with the fantastic..the unimaginable..the unbelievable. I belong in a black leather costume saving the world – helping people, yet looking amazingly sexy at the same time. I belong in an invisible jet..or flying through the night sky with my own cool cape.

Ah well.

Back to the real world. Back to work. And bills. And cooking. And leather being unacceptable in a work environment.



Kimala said...

leather being unacceptable in the work environment? you lost me at the end - what kind of leather did you try to wear to work? LOL

I love superheros too Bliss. I grew up on the Hulk on television. Nothing like Bill Bixby losing it (wasn't that the actor?) Anyway - Bigd was kinda hulk-like yesterday when he came to intervene in the photo-taking-observing punk guy's pick-up scene? Yes? :) He's so good and protecting that way :) Hoo!

I have to have you check out a superhero I love that I share with kids and teachers all the time. A cartoon - but nonetheless - a superhero.. .and a girl ;) better yet, eh? She battles all sorts of things - evil, and the ever-present misuse of the English language! Her current nemisis is the Butcher (as in of the English language) and in the Fall, Lady Redundancy Woman is coming to try to take over the city. :) Anyway - thanks for sharing your deep dark secret Bliss. I bet there are lots of us like it out there :) Hoo!

Bliss said...

I've seen Wordgirl with my nephew. The one episode I saw, they had John Maine from the NY Mets on discussing stats and stuff. LOL!

:) I want to be the Phoenix. So I can just..teleport to work - no more walking or cab hopping for me. Imagine all of the SALES I could cover with that power..


bigd Flanagan said...

I dibs the Silver Surfer!! Starts bad, ends good. Nuff said.