Sunday, July 13, 2008

2008 All-Star FanFest

So, I'm sure you can tell that I met Alyssa Milano today at Fanfest.

And I just wanted to briefly share my story.

See, we waited a little more than an hour with my 7 year old nephew to see her.

We were fifth in line, and when she came out the place went nuts (she really IS that small). The first three people were allowed to take pictures as she signed her pictures, and then the guard announced that no pictures at ALL could be taken. Even while she was signing. Now, I was standing right there..and she never said a WORD to anyone about flashes or anything. The guard told me NO pictures at all and I shut my camera off. So my nephew took his picture and stood silently, his little eyes so sad. So I waited while she signed my picture. She asked me how I was and how my day was going so far. I told her pretty good. And then (I never do this, I swear), I said "They axed pictures with you..and my nephew really wanted one." She looked a little puzzled. "They did? I can take pictures!" And we took one super quick. :) She was gracious and kind and my nephew was on cloud nine. And I was giddy - I cackled at the guard that told me no pictures. He can't tell HER no pictures, can he? Sure, it was super up close..ROFL! But hey, in 30 years, he'll have proof that there's no one I won't approach for him. :) Anyway, just sharing.

And yes, she IS that pretty, and no it's NOT airbrushing.


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Kimala said...

she is beautiful and you are the best aunt ever. *sigh* :)