Saturday, July 19, 2008

Bee Hive Fashion Showcase: Tuli!

This Tuesday we were lucky enough to showcase Tuli by the lovely Tuli Asturias. She came with her beautiful skins, her DROOL worthy clothing and her great attitude! The night went great - we had a lot of people passing through (even until Thursday night they were still coming in!).

As usual, BusyBee and I dressed up in our designer gear and grabbed a photo op!

Tuli packed the walls all the way to the back of the club for us - sadly, I owned EVERY outfit on display, so there was no massive shopping for me. LOL

And of course, I took a picture with Tuli herself. :) I wonder if she'll autograph it for me?

Well, if you haven't grabbed your Tuli goods, they will be there until Monday night along with the great limited edition freebie outfit. And after that? Hit the main store and grab everything - I promise you, the outfits are EXCELLENT!
Up next, Amplify by Tinker Hax! :)
Get your punk on, kids!


Parker said...

I was able to grab the freebie, but everytime I tried to buy something else I couldn't. It was like it was sold out. Guess this means I need to make the sacrifice and scoot over to the main store by way of the First National Bank of SL donning a mask and weapons.

You and BusyBee take every photo op you can. Hot, sexy women are supposed to do just that.


Kimala said...

i love Tuli's stuff Blissie! I remember discovering her last valentine's on a scavenger hunt. Some of my favorite winter outfits are from her collection!

What I am curious about is how she advertised, in addition to your posting of the event. The traffic at Beehive all week was really high. Did Tuli post something at her store? Or was there some listing somewhere that talked about freebies from Tuli? Whatever it was really worked :)

miss you blissie ;) happy Monday!

Bliss said...

Parker -

Yes! The main store is great, I promise you'll love everything.

Kim -

It was apparently a freebie group that sent the announcement.