Sunday, July 6, 2008

Fashion Showcase #2: Adam N Eve

So the most recent fashion showcase designer was Adam N Eve. Since I’ve already blogged about them (at, here are some pictures from that night.
(Sachi Vixen putting up some last minute items before the show started)

(One side of the club where Sachi set up things for sale)

(BusyBee and I outfitted in our Dare to Be and DeCollage dresses for Best in Black)

(I snuck up behind Sachi and stole a picture while she added some finishing touches to her vendors).

Thanks to everyone that came out and shopped..and to everyone that came out and partied with us. :)
Hopefully I'll see you all again this Tuesday for Joyful Designs by Sunnyskies McMahon.

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Kimala said...

Bliss your fashionista events at Beehive are fabulous! It has given such a cool focus to the week - and sadly, a reason for my linden purse to be TONS lighter ;) Remind me to hit D up for some cash... LOL

Cheers to another successful Blissie creation! Woot!