Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Fashion Showcase #3: Joyful Designs

This week we were lucky enough to showcase Sunnyskies McMahon's Joyful Designs! Sunny did an amazing thing and put all of her goods on sale at 50% off of the displayed price. Who doesn't love a sale?
The night went very well - we had quite a few great visitors in addition to the usual band of misfits I love. Sunny IMed and it looks like sales went well too!

I ended up grabbing the Jungle Queen outfit in addition to a few other dresses. The funny thing, the cargo pants outfit I wore in the promo pic wasn't up, so LMs were taken and folks headed to the store to grab it.

I met Sunny a very long time ago through a mutual friend, Kaarl. I continued to visit her store, even when she went from a small space in the mall to a giant space in her own mall! If you haven't been, you need to check it out. Affordable CUTE clothes by a great designer.

:) Join us next week for TULI!



Parker said...

You are evil and you must be destroyed. My lindens have greatly diminished since I met you. You know all the good designers and I was glad I got to pop over and pick up a couple goodies the other night.

Thanks for running the showcases.

Bliss said...

:) I try. Thank you for making the effort to come out - I know you're busy working too.