Wednesday, July 16, 2008

When is it..When?

Some would argue we are a society of excess. We love it. We indulge in it. We thrive off of it.

But when do we say when?

When is enough just enough?

Is it when all the fun is gone? Is it when we've had too much? When we feel sick? the end of the day, I'll always go back to a very old blog of mine. This is a crazy rollercoaster ride. And when it's's done.

If you push it, you'll get sick. And that's no good.

But if you get off too early, you miss out on something great.

So now I ask you..

When do you say 'when'?

Maybe I'm just T-I-R-E-D and need to sleep.

Maybe that's what I'll do.




Parker said...

Sleep always helps us to see things in a different perspective.

You rest and sleep well. Have pleasant dreams and then see how things are in the morning.

Kimala said...

Bliss - you have me :) sitting in that rollercoaster car with you and I'm not letting you out just yet. Neither is Rachel... or Noah for that matter -he still has to send you the picture of his first ever cake! Woot!

PLUS... Crighton just blogged... WTF is that all about! It must be a sign. You can't quit yet. Grab that Moo and kiss him all over and tell him he can't leave either. We have plans for all of you. No one is getting out just yet ;) Just saying... (that means you too Parker and Bigd :) )

Yordie Sands said...

I know the feeling, Blissie.

bigd Flanagan said...

Here, let me fluff those pillows up for you. Sleep well Bliss....

Things will get better girl.....

Parker said...

/me shakes sleepy head to wake up.

Was I going somewhere?

As long as I don't have to kiss anyone all over to stay, I suppose I will.

Bliss said...

Thank you guys.

:) I love you.