Sunday, August 31, 2008

My Saturday in Kinda Review..

I went to my closet..and picked out a dress.

Okay, that's a lie. It's a new dress from Zaara. HOOOOO!

I am now in LOVE with that store - saris and all!

I went to the grocery store (and of course took my own bag - going green is something everyone should be TRYING to do) and bought some food for the house.

I bought a school bus to drive my friends around in. :) I drive it pretty damn well, if I may say!

And I had a thought today.

Sometimes, everything can get really..really..fucked up.

But if you're not alone..if you let someone sit next to you..hold your hand..and help you get through isn't as fucked up as you might think. Even if you may not want them there at first. And things will get better. They always have a way of working out..of course they may not be 100% perfect, but they can be much better than they were.

So hang in there.

:) And to my friends who need a little bit of sunshine today, here's a BIG bit of sunshine from me to you (courtesy of a very good friend who gave me theirs when things were darkest for me). Pay it forward..and bring some sunshine to someone's life that you know needs it most.


Saturday, August 30, 2008

Deep Conditioning..

Now..I know the ladies here are familiar with a deep condition.

For you men, it’s what you do to your hair to keep it healthy – to maintain it and protect revive it from the misery that is dry, frizzy, dead hair. To make your hair new and healthy again.

Now..what about your soul? Do you treat it the same way? see..

I’m going to step back and deep condition myself a little bit.

I’m going to take some time and repair myself from the damage that I’ve done to me.

I’m frizzy hair right now. I’m dry and thirsty and in desperate need of a good deep condition.

I’m not giving up – and I’m not walking away. After all, I’m a Goonie at heart..and Goonie’s never say die!

But when I’m stronger..and healthier..I can stand a little taller. I can be a little braver.

So..please stick with me while I do this. I may not be very social..or chatty..or pleasant company right now..but I’ll be good as new soon. I’ll be super shiny hair that’s totally unbreakable – and even the flat iron won’t scare me.

I’ll be the new and improved Bliss – and the earth with tremble with my footsteps..and stuff. LOL!

And to my friends that have sent me super amazing e-mails and IMs..I love you. I love you for everything you’ve tried to do to help me. I really appreciate you all.


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Say.. need to stop and remember to say stuff to people.

Like..thank you.

And I love you.

And..I appreciate you..

And the hardest of all..I'm sorry.

And I make it a point to say I love you to my friends. And thank you. And to the people that have been lucky (or unlucky - depends on your view) enough to sneak into my heart, I try to remember to say I appreciate you.

I appreciate my friends..not for the things they give me..but for listening. For being there..for putting up with me at my worst.

I try not to name names..because that's just a recipe for forgetting


In your day tomorrow..say these things.

It may mean more to someone than you know..?


Sunday, August 24, 2008

Blissful Productions!

Well, if you haven't joined the group yet, you'd better! Soon I'll be closing the membership so that it'll be by invite only - you'll need to grab one of my Production Assistants to get in.

The above shirt (available in tank form too) was made by the ever fabulous DJ Borday (talented, isn't he?) and will be going out shortly.

The group gift for the Tahoe party will be going out on Wednesday..and I've got a few other nice ones lined up.

So join us for partying..some spanking..great and have a blissful time!


Saturday, August 23, 2008

My SL Time In Review..(This Week..Mostly..)

Doing laundry with some new friends. :) They love laundry too. If only BigD had been on!

The amazing view from Tahoe Mountain Ski Resort's Jazz Club! It's so breathtaking, I'm throwing a party there on August 27th from 6-8 PM SLT!

I've fallen at the feet of Marly's amazing fashion and I can't get up! HELP! If you haven't checked out Marly's Retro and Vintage should! I love it all!

Here I am attending my first SL boxing match! I sat in the front row and cheered on my friend Cal - who retained his Light Weight Champion of Averlast title! Hoooo! (Cal's in the Superman shorts..)

Just because I haven't seen BigD in a while..and I miss him. :) Free Hugs for BigD!

At the end of the day, I can spend my time with all of my friends and have a blast. And I love them very much. But..the time I spend with me is priceless. The time I take to love me is necessary time. It reminds me that even if everything I have today were to vanish..I'd still have me. And nobody can love me better than me. :) And life? First and second? the ocean..the possibilities are endless.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

For Your Artistic Entertainment..

..or whatever you call it..

Monday, August 18, 2008

A House vs. A Home

Something very funny happened in SL a long time ago - I wanted a place to call my own. Somewhere I could rezz all of my crap..somewhere I could get naked to change..a place to log and relog and to set as home.

It started as a rented apartment..then a skybox with Moo in Deyo..then a bigger skybox in Bayou..and now an island retreat in Marinero.

Each home I've lived in has been a home..not just a house. Our homes have always carried RL touches. Even my crappy apartment was filled with pictures..not photoshopped ones..but snapshots - of all of my friends and our various adventures. My furniture may not all match, but they're all pieces I love. There's stuff that represents me..and things that represent Moo. Not one big boxed house set bought to fill a cold house.

And I always find it creepy to see someone's SL home that is so impersonal. Where the only pictures in the house are photoshopped with their profile pics. Where everything perfectly matches..where there are no evidence of homey feeling items at all.

At any given time we rezz random crap around the island and leave it there.'s HOME because of that too.

Maybe it's just me.

But I'll always prefer to have a home..even a small shack if I must..over a cold house filled with nothing but fake emotion.

I imagine it says a lot about the person that creates and lives in a house like that, eh?


That's all out of me today.. :)


Sunday, August 17, 2008

Happy Anniversary to Us!

One year later.

An inventory lunatic..

A silk voiced DJ..

And they're still together.

:) A very big thank you to everyone who came out to our party and to all of the warm wishes that were sent our way.

How we made a year?

What's our secret?

Heck if I know.

I think it's the shooting each other thing.

I'll never really know.

I can only hope that we're doing this again for another year to come.

And to my friends that have given up on finding that one person in SL that kind of makes it all worth it?


:) Whether it's a person to just wander, explore and learn with..or someone to..*ahem* with..

There's always someone out there.


Monday, August 11, 2008

Winds of Change..

Last night was a very..unusual night.

Moo and I threw a party at the Bedrock/Flintstone sim, which was so much insane fun!

At the same time we found out that the Bee Hive was being dismantled..and the land sold. There will be a new club, but the Hive is gone for good.

I have mixed emotions about this.

I love Busy and I love the Hive. It's my home when I am homeless. It's the club you can go to and always feel welcome - never out of place. But she needed a change - the Hive needed a change. Maybe a change in setting is what the club needs to drum up some business.

Then I got to thinking.

Maybe I needed a change too.

By nature I am a holder oner. I hold on to things..because if you let them go, they're lost to you forever and there's no getting them back.

And I want to throw more many more different sims like Bedrock. I want to work on more Fashion Showcases like at the Bee Hive.

And people don't join the Spank Pack because of the name and the implication, I guess.

So maybe it's time I ended the Spank Pack group and started a new group for my various endeavors and the different things/people and places I support.

Not to end the group of friends, just the physical group list. The Spank Pack consists of my nearest and dearest anyway. The ones I don't need a group to speak to.

So maybe with this new wave of change coming..I should make some changes as well.

As always, I'd love your input.



Friday, August 8, 2008

No I in Team! (but there is a me..)

Some days I think everyone hits their breaking point at the same time.

Yesterday I sat in my office and listened to two co-workers have an all out screaming match.

Today I listened to the guy four doors down chew out his assistant with expletives.

Eleven years in this industry and I've never endured either.

Now..I've had the pleasure of working with a gentlemen (and I use the word accurately) who has 1. Never raised his voice to me 2. Never belittled me infront of my other co-workers. 3. Never backed me into a corner and hung me out to dry.

The closed door screaming? It can still be heard. Why even close the door if you're going to scream?

My boss always opted for the quiet words of "we can fix it'. I once said "you're going to kill me..I really fucked this up.." (And I really did fuck something up royally). His response, without ever looking up from his papers was.."there's nothing we can't fix".

So, it's only natural that I practice the same with my own assistants and team members. Everyone screws up. That is a fact of life. And the most important part of being a teacher is knowing that one thing. Knowing that anyone that accepts responsibility for their mistakes is taking the first step to correcting it. Understanding is key.

And when that's missing..people start hitting their breaking point. Blame starts flying. People start nit picking.

And it's never good.

I've always felt that..if I could teach someone..and raise them (so to speak) to do what I their own way and be effective and successful..then I've been a good leader..and a good boss.

And if I'm lucky, I'll never become the nightmare boss or the boardroom bitch.

I'll get to have someone blog about me like this. :)

Another rambling post brought to you by..

The letter B!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Whose Body is a Wonderland?

So I got to thinking about bodies last night as I sat on the ab press shaking and burning and sweating.

We put a lot of emphasis on body image, don't we? Heavy emphasis lays on the size..and shape..and feel of your body. Both in RL and SL.

Notice how fatter avis aren't appreciated as much as the petite curvy avis are? Not told how hot they are? Or how outfits aren't really made for heavier avis?

So after dragging myself home and skidding into SL just in time for the showcase, I had the pleasure of meeting maria Zauberflote..who I took an instant liking too because she shares the same last name as my Bev.

Anyway, we were wearing the same House of Nyla lingerie set in different colors..but heck if the outfits didn't look very different. Luckily, Nyla has the foresight to include the little panty ruffle in three sizes.

And Maria and I got to talking. And I complimented her on her shape because, let's face it, real women have curves. Real hips, real stomaches, real butts!

And then I thought how funny it was that I throw Blissie on the SL treadmill every now and then.

Why? Would my friends shun me if I were a fat avi? Would Moo never have eloped with me? Would I not be a fashionista?

Do we carry the same body image fears in SL that we struggle with in RL?

Do we judge people the same way too based on the look of their avis? Maybe in SL it's all we have. Our speak for us when we're lost in a sea of clubbers..or concert goers.

Are the bigger avis actually the ones with the better body images? Okay to accept themselves in both worlds?

It's late..I'm rambling..and my arms are are my abs..and my thighs..

And I'd really like to chuck it all and eat a pint of pineapple coconut ice cream from haagan daz right now.


But then my clothes would be tight and..I'd huff and puff up the stairs..and well..

That's not cool.

I forgot where this was going.



I guess..

It's ok to not be a size 2 in SL. To reflect your RL self through your avi.

It's actually kinda cool.


Sunday, August 3, 2008

Jealousy and the SL Relationship

Okay, so we all know I’m jealous.

Not just a LITTLE jealous – a lot.

But here’s the difference with me and everyone else; I’m open about it. I’m honest about my “MINE!” complex.

And for the record, while I may brandish a weapon every now and then – but I’ve never actually shot anyone over Borday (not for lack of trying – because I tried once SEVERAL times to shoot the same skanky club ho who was RUDE enough to try and move in on Borday with me right there).

So now, what is the appropriate behavior for jealousy in Second Life?

Have YOU ever been jealous in Second Life?

I’ve been lucky..and for the most part, Mr. Moo has accepted my jealous ways and to a point even finds it a little endearing. While he’s not as publicly jealous as I am, he’s had his moments.

But..we’re a couple.

I’ve seen jealousy in SL over people that do NOT have an established relationship.

Guys hateful of attached girls..girls spiteful over attached guys.

And the things that go on. Rumors, vicious behavior griefing, yada yada.

But here’s the takes two to tango. Yeah, someone hits on your SO.’s up to them to rebuff. So why is it we spend our time punishing the initiator? Because they opened our eyes to what we may have been trying to look away from? Because they showed us something in our SO that we didn’t want to admit existed?

Ponder that.’s a funny thing that doesn’t get enough credit, you know?

After did make the top seven in the list of sins.



Saturday, August 2, 2008

What Type of Weather Are You?

You Are Wind

Strong and overpowering

A force to be reckoned with, no one dares cross you

You have the power to change everything around you

You are best known for: your wrath

Your dominant state: commanding

What Popsicle Are you?

You Are a Lime Flavored Popsicle

You are an outrageous person. For you, summer is all about going crazy - even if it means getting in trouble.

You are daring and adventurous. You have a real taste for the edgier things in life.

A true wild child, there's no hope of you ever slowing down.

You've got too much sass and spunk to ever behave.

Fashion Showcase: Witchy Woman Designs

So if you've never met Beverly Zauberflote, you're missing out. Witchy Woman Designs is my favorite furniture guru. Let me put it this way, I can sell WWD out of my house because it's filled with it!

I recently sat in the main store at Dee with Bev chatting when people walked by. And I started selling. Like a used car salesman - let me tell you. LOL

Why? Because I believe that good designers..and good PEOPLE..deserve my best effort. And Bev's good people. many people can you say.."Can you make a..wind chime/picnic table/bbq grill/beach bed?" to and actually get a "yes"?

She's constantly blowing me away with her amazing designs, colors and ideas.

Sales went really well at WWD's showcase, and I'm really happy to say that some of Bev's new items (the Blissie Beach Bed and the Murphy Bed) have gotten great exposure - as they should.

So if you haven't been, grab a TP from me or IM Bev herself. :) It's totally worth it.

Meeting her is totally worth it.


Fashion Showcase: Charisma

Well, if you didn't know about Charisma, then you haven't really hung around with us much.

Sapphire Tomorrow is the mind behind Charisma - with a sexy blend of goth and rock, it's a great store to check out.

The outfit I bought was such a hit, my good friend Keeeemala bought one too!

DJ Borday rocked out his sexy outfit and the turnout was good!
If you haven't caught Charisma yet, why not? There are two stores open now! Git!

Fashion Showcase: Amplify

Holy cow-crap, Batman! I forgot to update my blog about the recent showcases!

Well, let me be 100% honest. The showcase for Amplify was AMAZING. So insanely amazing that I never had a moment to take pictures. I know, can you believe it?

Tinker Hax came in and PACKED every inch of the club with goods for sale - outfits, tats and more. I was so blown away and THRILLED.

The sales went well, I believe. Everyone was thrilled and in LOVE with her creations, I've actually had requests for her to come back to the Hive!

If you've never been, you're missing out. :) So grab me in world and I'll be happy to give you a LM, or search Amplify - Tinker also owns a punk club, so check that out as well.

Maybe if we're lucky she'll come back for an encore showcase?