Sunday, August 24, 2008

Blissful Productions!

Well, if you haven't joined the group yet, you'd better! Soon I'll be closing the membership so that it'll be by invite only - you'll need to grab one of my Production Assistants to get in.

The above shirt (available in tank form too) was made by the ever fabulous DJ Borday (talented, isn't he?) and will be going out shortly.

The group gift for the Tahoe party will be going out on Wednesday..and I've got a few other nice ones lined up.

So join us for partying..some spanking..great and have a blissful time!



Yordie Sands said...

Hi Blissie, I promise to join, but what is it? Love ya', Yordie

bigd Flanagan said...

Love the shirt. The girl in it is one of a kind.....

Bliss said...

Yordie -

It's a party group!

BigD -

Aww. :) SMOOCH!

Anonymous said...

well here's my story