Saturday, August 2, 2008

Fashion Showcase: Amplify

Holy cow-crap, Batman! I forgot to update my blog about the recent showcases!

Well, let me be 100% honest. The showcase for Amplify was AMAZING. So insanely amazing that I never had a moment to take pictures. I know, can you believe it?

Tinker Hax came in and PACKED every inch of the club with goods for sale - outfits, tats and more. I was so blown away and THRILLED.

The sales went well, I believe. Everyone was thrilled and in LOVE with her creations, I've actually had requests for her to come back to the Hive!

If you've never been, you're missing out. :) So grab me in world and I'll be happy to give you a LM, or search Amplify - Tinker also owns a punk club, so check that out as well.

Maybe if we're lucky she'll come back for an encore showcase?





Kimala said...

Blissie you are out of hand. I'm so behind on our blog. HOW did I get so behind?? I swear I looked and it hadn't changed... and now.. I'm like 10 gazillion posts behind. Geesh!

:) Kim

P.S. Your showcases rock!! I know how hard you work at them - and I hope the designers appreciate you :) I know I appreciate the ability to shop and dance - my 2 favorite SL sports. Woot!

Bliss said...


I did all my blogging in one night - no worries.

:) And thank you. I love working on it. I appreciate the opportunity AND the support of my great friends.