Saturday, August 2, 2008

Fashion Showcase: Charisma

Well, if you didn't know about Charisma, then you haven't really hung around with us much.

Sapphire Tomorrow is the mind behind Charisma - with a sexy blend of goth and rock, it's a great store to check out.

The outfit I bought was such a hit, my good friend Keeeemala bought one too!

DJ Borday rocked out his sexy outfit and the turnout was good!
If you haven't caught Charisma yet, why not? There are two stores open now! Git!


Kimala said...

Ok... I have to say I was most impressed with this showcase!! It has been incredibly cool to watch Sapphire grow as a designer from her beginnings in the fall, to where she is now. Her latest design, the formal with the beautiful texture, the lace skirt and glitch pants is incredible. I think as Sapphire continues to develop her business she will become a fashionista force. Woot!! Congratulations Sapphire!

Bliss said...

I agree.

Very different from walking into an already established designer's store..

Because we know what the raw work looked like months ago.

Makes you appreciative of the work involved.