Saturday, August 2, 2008

Fashion Showcase: Witchy Woman Designs

So if you've never met Beverly Zauberflote, you're missing out. Witchy Woman Designs is my favorite furniture guru. Let me put it this way, I can sell WWD out of my house because it's filled with it!

I recently sat in the main store at Dee with Bev chatting when people walked by. And I started selling. Like a used car salesman - let me tell you. LOL

Why? Because I believe that good designers..and good PEOPLE..deserve my best effort. And Bev's good people. many people can you say.."Can you make a..wind chime/picnic table/bbq grill/beach bed?" to and actually get a "yes"?

She's constantly blowing me away with her amazing designs, colors and ideas.

Sales went really well at WWD's showcase, and I'm really happy to say that some of Bev's new items (the Blissie Beach Bed and the Murphy Bed) have gotten great exposure - as they should.

So if you haven't been, grab a TP from me or IM Bev herself. :) It's totally worth it.

Meeting her is totally worth it.



Parker said...

While I was hiding under the bed that night I checked out the bed and found yes it is quality. I have visited the store and found more good beds (I need one) If they are color change, I will have one of her beds in my home very soon.

Kimala said...

*looks at Parker and worries she tore a tag off a mattress that she hadn't paid for yet* LOL!

I love Bev's stuff! I bought a few items (Bev - no laughing please) because I wondered as we change things out in the Bistro/Gallery if I would need different kinds of low prim options for chairs, etc. I do have to admit though - the pillow thing, on off the bed is incredibly cool! The pillow thing on/off the chaise lounge is equally cool. I have one of her outdoor patio sets at the Bistro! Woot! All we need to do is get her to add the food options and she'd have a 15 on a scale of 1-10 :) Woot!

Bliss said...

I love everything - and even if she wasn't my friend I'd buy it all!