Sunday, August 3, 2008

Jealousy and the SL Relationship

Okay, so we all know I’m jealous.

Not just a LITTLE jealous – a lot.

But here’s the difference with me and everyone else; I’m open about it. I’m honest about my “MINE!” complex.

And for the record, while I may brandish a weapon every now and then – but I’ve never actually shot anyone over Borday (not for lack of trying – because I tried once SEVERAL times to shoot the same skanky club ho who was RUDE enough to try and move in on Borday with me right there).

So now, what is the appropriate behavior for jealousy in Second Life?

Have YOU ever been jealous in Second Life?

I’ve been lucky..and for the most part, Mr. Moo has accepted my jealous ways and to a point even finds it a little endearing. While he’s not as publicly jealous as I am, he’s had his moments.

But..we’re a couple.

I’ve seen jealousy in SL over people that do NOT have an established relationship.

Guys hateful of attached girls..girls spiteful over attached guys.

And the things that go on. Rumors, vicious behavior griefing, yada yada.

But here’s the takes two to tango. Yeah, someone hits on your SO.’s up to them to rebuff. So why is it we spend our time punishing the initiator? Because they opened our eyes to what we may have been trying to look away from? Because they showed us something in our SO that we didn’t want to admit existed?

Ponder that.’s a funny thing that doesn’t get enough credit, you know?

After did make the top seven in the list of sins.




Joonie Jatho said...

OMG Bliss...why open THAT can of worms? ROTF!!

OK can have him on Mondays..geez! ;-)

I could write a book on that one emotion. Guilty as charged. I love that you pointed out that we hate on the 'other' woman/man. Why when it's our SO that needs to step up and deny the bitch. Am I secretly afraid that he might not? Is that why I feel so threatened? Blech..I don't want to acknowledge that.

Kimala said...

Jealousy is brutal and ugly. I think we have all experienced that in our SL family to incredible depths and I am glad we are past that. This brief little fling that Joonie and Bigd had (can I call it that LOL) shows how easily things explode and confuse everyone. It is like a game of telephone gone ary (sp?).

simmer down everyone... as my mom would say

Yordie Sands said...

Maybe I'm kidding myself, but I don't remember ever being jealous of my lovers, but I have been the subject of jealousy. A man I loved but had become a little weary of interpreted my need for some space as a signal that I was cheating on him. I just needed some breathing space, but what followed was his cruelty and rage. I couldn't believe the intensity of the anger he felt, but I think SL intensifies everything.

Joonie Jatho said...

um..excuse me...i would just like to clarify something.

what bigd and I had was NOT a fling! Hmmpf!

LOLOL! It was slove, baby! ;-) Actually, it was a joke but I guess some peeps didn't think it was all that funny. :)

so like Kim's mom would say...and mine as well...simmeh down ya'll!