Sunday, August 31, 2008

My Saturday in Kinda Review..

I went to my closet..and picked out a dress.

Okay, that's a lie. It's a new dress from Zaara. HOOOOO!

I am now in LOVE with that store - saris and all!

I went to the grocery store (and of course took my own bag - going green is something everyone should be TRYING to do) and bought some food for the house.

I bought a school bus to drive my friends around in. :) I drive it pretty damn well, if I may say!

And I had a thought today.

Sometimes, everything can get really..really..fucked up.

But if you're not alone..if you let someone sit next to you..hold your hand..and help you get through isn't as fucked up as you might think. Even if you may not want them there at first. And things will get better. They always have a way of working out..of course they may not be 100% perfect, but they can be much better than they were.

So hang in there.

:) And to my friends who need a little bit of sunshine today, here's a BIG bit of sunshine from me to you (courtesy of a very good friend who gave me theirs when things were darkest for me). Pay it forward..and bring some sunshine to someone's life that you know needs it most.



Parker said...

You have been very busy haven't you.

Your bus looks like it needs a good bath. We can all get together and have a bus washing party. : )

So where is this new store I need to shop at?

Kimala said...

Save me a seat on the bus ;)