Saturday, August 2, 2008

What Popsicle Are you?

You Are a Lime Flavored Popsicle

You are an outrageous person. For you, summer is all about going crazy - even if it means getting in trouble.

You are daring and adventurous. You have a real taste for the edgier things in life.

A true wild child, there's no hope of you ever slowing down.

You've got too much sass and spunk to ever behave.


Parker said...


Kimala said...

ok... I can honestly say I have never had a lime green popsicle - but this one totally sounds like you too!! WOW :) maybe you should get the blog survey quiz taker award for 2008? Woot!!

Love you Blissie and your lime green popsicle stained face ;) hee hee

Bliss said...

I've had one before.

I'm not crazy about them..

I'm a cherry popsicle kinda