Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Whose Body is a Wonderland?

So I got to thinking about bodies last night as I sat on the ab press shaking and burning and sweating.

We put a lot of emphasis on body image, don't we? Heavy emphasis lays on the size..and shape..and feel of your body. Both in RL and SL.

Notice how fatter avis aren't appreciated as much as the petite curvy avis are? Not told how hot they are? Or how outfits aren't really made for heavier avis?

So after dragging myself home and skidding into SL just in time for the showcase, I had the pleasure of meeting maria Zauberflote..who I took an instant liking too because she shares the same last name as my Bev.

Anyway, we were wearing the same House of Nyla lingerie set in different colors..but heck if the outfits didn't look very different. Luckily, Nyla has the foresight to include the little panty ruffle in three sizes.

And Maria and I got to talking. And I complimented her on her shape because, let's face it, real women have curves. Real hips, real stomaches, real butts!

And then I thought how funny it was that I throw Blissie on the SL treadmill every now and then.

Why? Would my friends shun me if I were a fat avi? Would Moo never have eloped with me? Would I not be a fashionista?

Do we carry the same body image fears in SL that we struggle with in RL?

Do we judge people the same way too based on the look of their avis? Maybe in SL it's all we have. Our speak for us when we're lost in a sea of clubbers..or concert goers.

Are the bigger avis actually the ones with the better body images? Okay to accept themselves in both worlds?

It's late..I'm rambling..and my arms are are my abs..and my thighs..

And I'd really like to chuck it all and eat a pint of pineapple coconut ice cream from haagan daz right now.


But then my clothes would be tight and..I'd huff and puff up the stairs..and well..

That's not cool.

I forgot where this was going.



I guess..

It's ok to not be a size 2 in SL. To reflect your RL self through your avi.

It's actually kinda cool.



Parker said...

Okay Blissie, you bring the ice cream and I will bring the spoons (I am not really an avid ice cream eater as I have some Vanilla Chi in the freezer that has been there at least 8 months) Tomorrow we can add the weight to our AVIs.

bigd Flanagan said...

I grew up in a family that had weight discrimination. None of us had issues, but I remember the trash talking about people that did. It was imprinted on me and not a good thing in the least.

Your points are valid and make me wonder why the hell I go there sometimes. Thanks for putting a well aimed foot up my ass.....

Kimala said...

/me scratches my head and tries to remember ever being a size 2... /me sighs and figures I'm ok... I wish I could lose some weight but I'm ok...

Joonie Jatho said...

Well, the advertisement for SL says your world, your imagination. If it's MY fantasy world, I'm not going to spend it being a size 10. I'm that in RL. LOL

Imagination? I guess not. Otherwise I'd look like something a bit more creative than I do.

Society sure herds us all together and puts us in the same room. Look like this, be like this, do like this. How boring. LOLOL!

Great post! Thanks Blissie!