Monday, August 11, 2008

Winds of Change..

Last night was a very..unusual night.

Moo and I threw a party at the Bedrock/Flintstone sim, which was so much insane fun!

At the same time we found out that the Bee Hive was being dismantled..and the land sold. There will be a new club, but the Hive is gone for good.

I have mixed emotions about this.

I love Busy and I love the Hive. It's my home when I am homeless. It's the club you can go to and always feel welcome - never out of place. But she needed a change - the Hive needed a change. Maybe a change in setting is what the club needs to drum up some business.

Then I got to thinking.

Maybe I needed a change too.

By nature I am a holder oner. I hold on to things..because if you let them go, they're lost to you forever and there's no getting them back.

And I want to throw more many more different sims like Bedrock. I want to work on more Fashion Showcases like at the Bee Hive.

And people don't join the Spank Pack because of the name and the implication, I guess.

So maybe it's time I ended the Spank Pack group and started a new group for my various endeavors and the different things/people and places I support.

Not to end the group of friends, just the physical group list. The Spank Pack consists of my nearest and dearest anyway. The ones I don't need a group to speak to.

So maybe with this new wave of change coming..I should make some changes as well.

As always, I'd love your input.




Joonie Jatho said...

I believe in following your gut (no pun intented in relationship to your previous body image post) and your heart and do what feels right to you.

Since I was never a member of the Spank Pack (it's ok, i'm not bitter...much) you can drop it all you want! LOL Just invite me to the next one, please!

Change is good! :D

Hugs JJ

bigd Flanagan said...

Hmmm.....No Spank Pank, eh? Can we still spank each other? If the answer is yes, I'm cool with it. If you call it something, it has to be easily morphed into holiday names:)

Kimala said...

so do we still have spanksgiving? let's get right to the details :) and more importantly... will you still love me?

just checking :)

Parker said...

Spank Pack? Don't know this one.

Change is inevitable, especially in Second Life. I have been considering my own changes and decisions to make.

I will miss the Bee Hive although I do recall being a bit over whelmed the first few times I was there. It has become a favorite place of mine because of the wonderful folks who work there and frequent there.

New group - Thanks for the invite, I accepted.

Bliss said...

Joonie - I stopped inviting because people stopped accepting. LOL! Bruised ego and all, you know. :) But I understand not wanting to be associated with a naughty sex group. Blissful Productions has been far more successful. Because you're in it!

BigD! Of course we spank! It's how we survive!

Kim - There is absolutely a Spanksgiving. And just so you know, now when we say stuff's done/supported by the Spank Pack it's the immediate family that's implied. The founders, so to speak. :) and yes, I love yu. Do you love me? Enough to stop slutting around with Aeryn and Joonie? Huh?

Parker - it's what the original six of us were called. The Spank Pack - because we spanked where others dare not. /me nods. We're freedom fighters, you know. it used to, Ehric, Kim, BigD, Borday and Kaarl. We got into all kinds of fun together.'s more, Ehric, Kim, BigD, Borday, Busy and Crighton/Aeryn. It's all about the mighty spank. Baby.

There are other members, but that's who the core kinda is. Except Crighton kept dropping the group. *ahem*

:) I've rambled enough. LOL