Monday, October 20, 2008

I Had A Dream.....

I wish it was like MLK's!

But it wasn't.

Last night my dream world slipped into vivid reality. real as real me reality.

And I sat up this morning..half laughing and half afraid.

See, here's the thing.

Real me and Blissie have always been the same person. I've never treated her like a character.

So needless to say..we share the same fears..and "issues".

So last night's dream had real me going to see my RL love. But when I got to his apartment was open..

But it wasn't him there..

It was Moo.

And Moo was with a groupie..

And then I was cartoon..

But he was still..real..

And he said I was too cartoon for him..and not good enough anymore.

And left he with the groupie..


I was left standing there as a cartoon.

So I'm all WTF?! about the dream.


SL too much, maybe?

:) deep fears, let me tell you.



mikki said...

Damn now I feel like an ass...sorry about the groupies comment, next time kick me first will ya?

Parker said...

What a dream. I have dreams when my AVI has the same issues as the RL me. But nothing like that.