Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sunday Snuggles..

Tonight Moo and I camped out under the SL stars and slept out in our snowy yard with Fred. It was, as I put it, my most favorite thing to do in SL. Not that shopping isn't up is. But just hanging around and chatting..well..that's the post-party ritual we had..a long time ago. We'd come home..shimmy into our pajamas (tonight it was my Cookie Monster pair) and we'd talk about it all. From outfits to people to venues to future plans..we talk about it all. Something that we'd lost for a long time.

That's post-party. Everyone does it, I think. Talk about everything that went on..everyone that was there..yada yada.

We had a busy night tonight - but it was fun. Mikki's wedding..then Blue Olive..then we headed to my office..popped in on Bev..whew!

Mikki and Lovolt's wedding was amazing! So beautiful and filled with love. :) I'm so happy for them!

I bought some tickets for a fundraiser here for myself and some of my friends.

After the wedding I put in a request to a charity here in SL to host a fundraiser. :) I feel good when I can do good things..when I can..accomplish something not shoe based.

So I started thinking about what I could do..

Last time I took over the Bee Hive and ran a week of events.

This friends and I now own enough establishments..we can split it up! What's the point of my co-owning Sporks now if I didn't throw The Ultimate Roaming Charity Party..

Sporks! Bistro Olive! The Wild Jungle Beach Club! The Savoy! Parker's Pub!

Five venues..five days of partying for a good cause. Five sets of great folks that I know would open their doors to support the breast cancer foundation I've put my request out to.

That's the thing about good old friends..

You know them..and you know you can count on them. You know that they'll always back you up. There's no second guessing..or worrying.


Long day.

I'm tired..excited for the things to come..and eager to get them off of the ground. :)

I hope you had a good Sunday - I did!



Yordie Sands said...

Mmmmmm Jammies. Yeah, me too.

Parker said...

Breast Cancer Awareness has a special place in my heart as I lost my best friend to the dreaded disease. So yes, just let me know what you need and I am there.

Jammies in the snow, now there is a thought.

bigd Flanagan said...

It was a great day. Fun with a purpose, now theres an idea. You and your partners are the best. Love ya Bliss..

Kimala said...

love you Bliss :) thank you for being such an amazing idea person... and a super hard worker to boot... even if you do threaten those of us not working as hard with weapons.

I also loved how you came by tonite to have us wish you goodnight because Moo was gone... that was so sweet :) sweet dreams gf

Bliss said...

Awwww. :) I love you guys.

Parker - I'm so sorry. I think touches everyone..and robs us of people we love. And I hope one day we can eliminate it..and never have to hear of it again.

BigD - love you too!

Kim - :) wait till you see what I'm cooking up now. Delusions of tylenol? Aha! Secret to my genius. I'll be chattier tomorrow maybe. I should have slept at the Savoy. In my blanket and box. Crighton would have loved it. :)