Tuesday, October 14, 2008


So, in this life we're faced with something..gray. Temptation.

You see, damned if you do and damned if you don't. Give in and lose everything. Don't give in and you waste away in discontent regret.

Now, there's no limit to temptation..and no area in life where it doesn't appear. What we want most..what we have and what we need all clash..and we are STUCK.

So being in the position of wanting things you can or can't have is hard. If you can have them, there's always a reason you don't. And if you can't have them, there are always 500 reasons you should (rational or not).

So when do you stop restraining yourself?

Let's say..you have a toaster.

And your toaster is okay.

But your friend has a really great toaster.

You don't go take her toaster because..clearly it's her toaster.

But you want it.

And every day you want it a little more than the last.

The thing is...you can't bring yourself to throw your toaster away.

So..you want this other toaster..

And your toaster too.

You're a two toaster tramp.

But you see.....you smack your toaster..and start to hate it..and don't use it....because it can't toast like the other toaster.

What do you do?

Do you sit forever with a broken toaster (that's really not broken..just not the toaster you want..)? Do you get rid of yours? Do you break in during the night and steal your friends toaster when she's not awake? Do you keep two toasters and never tell a soul?

Because you know that your friend's toaster would be happier toasting your bread..but not necessarily that you'd be happier having it toast for you 100% of the time.

But every day..your need for this toaster grows..and grows..until it's all that you can think about.

Decisions, decisions.

Who knew toasters were such tools of temptation?


The gray area where your heart, head and everything in between clash. Where emotions normally contained..break out and run wild..wreaking chaos..

:) I'd love to hear your thoughts..on my madness..



bigd Flanagan said...

I need details...Who is the toast? Who is the toaster? Who is the other slice of bread? What is there to spread on the bread? And finally, when is my friggin pop tart going to be done?

Parker said...

Temptation...Now there is an interesting topic. I am tempted to to a post on it. but wouldn't that be like stealing your toaster? hhhmmmmmmmm

Seriously, I try to keep myself in such a position to where I don't want something that isn't mine. If I see something that I like, such as a toaster, or a dress, etc.. then I will save the money till I can get my own. I always feel it is much more desirable to have something that truly belongs to me than to settle for what belongs to someone else.

/me gives BigD a glass of milk to go with his pop tart.

Joonie Jatho said...

Oh my! I love it! LOL

Isn't that just being human, tho? Grass is always greener....blah blah.

What I have found is that a lot of times, the other toaster isn't really all that great. If you were to compare notes with your friend, she might tell you how she is tempted by your toasters simplicity or style. That her toaster is a conceited, arrogant ass with all his/her bells and whistles.

Or you might get the fancy toaster and then realize what you had was what you really needed all along!

Then again, if you don't go for the other toaster, you might always wonder what it would have been like.

Oy...this is making my head hurt. LOL! I'm a two toaster person..erm..slut...myself. Follow your heart. You can't go wrong.

Just my two cents worth. *hugs* JJ