Wednesday, October 8, 2008

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things.. (Things..Not People..)

The list is long..but these some..

1. My slouchy brown suede cowboy boots from Steve Madden because they make me feel badass.

2. My iPod because it drowns out the world when I want it to.

3. My big fluffy socks because they’re warm and comfortable.

4. My shoebox of Teuscher champagne truffles and chocolate bars’s chocolate.

5. My black Ann Taylor wrap dress because it makes me feel sexy.

6. My hidden tube of Strawberry Shortcake lipgloss..because ALL girls need strawberry flavored lips at one time or another.

7. My Gucci Mucchi Pucci nailpolish..because the perfect shade of pink is hard to find!

8. My little black clutch from Banana Republic because it’s perfect for ALL occasions.

9. My American Express. Does that one even NEED a reason?!

10. Songs that make me feel strong..because the right song can make you feel like you can take on the world!

11. My aviator sunglasses because they make me feel like a movie star.

12. My Viva La Juicy purse size roll on perfume because it makes me smell delicious!

13. My Palomo Picasso heart pendant necklace from Tiffany because it goes with everything.

14. My Sidekick..because it keeps me everywhere..which is just where I want to be.

And last, but not least..

15. My giganto Coach SoHo print bag that I fit everything AND the kitchen sink in to go to work. ROFL! :) it's probably how Blissie carries her inventory around

1 comment:

Parker said...

I think the only thing on your list that made me do a double take was the pink nail polish. For some reason you don't strike me as a pink nail polish kind of gal. But you never know.

Now the strawberry lip gloss I totally understand.