Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Finally a new blog post. Good lord, I've never been this sick before.

But that's neither here nor there. I'm just gonna play healthy. :)

SO! Since we last spoke, the lovely Mikki Freschi has opened her own clothing store, Licks! By Mikki!

Exciting, no? :) Here are some quick pics!

Moo and I made ourselves at home on Mikki's couch.

The lady herself - Mikki Freschi.

Visit the Licks! shop at Marco Isle! You won't be sorry!

Also! I did some shopping - thanks to Parker for letting me know there was a 50L sale at Pixel Dolls! And Ayn for letting me know there were 10L items hidden amidst the 50L items.

I did some minor shopping - but being unable to sit up has kept me off of SL mostly (shhh..sometimes Bliss is just parked somewhere and I'm laying on the couch).

I also had the pleasure of attending TWO of Busy Beaver's gigs. :) And I realized that I totally need a Western Chic outfit to go to her country gigs.

So we did a group line dance (don't worry, my outfit will be better for next time).

Uhhhh..the last few days are mostly blurry..

OH! Being home sick did have ONE high point - I was able to catch Nina Brandenburg live at the Savoy on Tuesday. :) And thanks to Iso I now have a Savoy Fuckery tag to show off.

Also ! (insert happy sound) Bev's back from vacation and she was missed. :) Happy to have her back making trouble with me.

So, here I am writing the grocery list with Borday. :) And also signing off on this blog.



Parker said...

My world has jus tnot been the same without my Ms. Blissfulness and her lovely personality. Glad you are finaly feeling better. Now to find the trouble.

Kim Flack said...

sick does have its SL benefits huh? Yo :)