Monday, January 19, 2009

Holding Hands..

So I was watching Superstars of Dance tonight while I tapped away at my laptop and finished up some proposals.

You see..Ireland was up for group dance.

Their duets and solo acts were both eliminated tonight, and it was just the group left - if they lost, the entire Irish team was going home and would have zero representation in the contest.

The dance started slowly..and built to amazing levels. And then I saw it. The lead dancers held hands at one point. You could see the excitement and the fear and the whirl of emotion in their dance.

And I loved them even more for it.

You see..I believe that for the most part, we can extend our hands and there will be someone there to hold it. To share in our..whatever. Our sorrow, our joy, our hurt, our healing, our love and our loss.

I believe that..while sometimes the hand we hold may be different, and the role we play may vary..the sentiment is always the same. The beautiful side of human nature.

As human beings, we cannot fight the urge to hold each other up when we fall down. We cannot fight the urge to try and heal where there is hurt. And the urge to lean on someone when we feel hopeless? It is also infused with the courage to open yourself up to someone and share your vulnerability.

It's a whole shit load of emotion, you know. More than I can ever scratch the surface of.

I dunno..

Maybe it's the hopelessness that's been wafting around me like a fog obscuring my view of the outside world and the plight of others that made me appreciate these two dancers supporting each other and offering support in a moment when only they could understand what they felt and what was at stake.

Something about them holding hands for that brief moment reminded me that..things, no matter how they go, aren't as bad when you have someone there to hold your hand and help you through it.

Sadly, Ireland lost..and the entire team went home tonight.


They still have each other, eh?


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