Sunday, January 11, 2009

What a Weekend..

Have you met BusyBee Beaver? Well, if so, this Saturday was her RL birthday! The big 4-0! I kid you not. So, her boy toy, Mr. Soderstrom and I threw her a little surprise party at the Sweet Escape Bakery. Below are some quick snapshots I took.

Here's the sign Ehric made for the party.

Here's the birthday girl shaking her groove thang!


Another shot of the party.

It was a great party, and I'm really thankful to have Busy in my SLife. :) She's a pretty darn nifty lady.

So, this week's been insanely long and hard. Both physically and emotionally. Backlash from the bad economy has finally hit home. Layoffs have started, and while my job is safe (for now?), those around me aren't that lucky.

So Saturday was spent at the office going through desks of people let go on Friday and trying to make heads or tails of the situation.

My girlfriends and I ditched the guys for the afternoon and headed to the movies to guessed it..

OMG. The movie was great! It was the perfect way to just..let go and enjoy myself. And remember that my life doesn't revolve around work. Or my obligations. To quote Kate Hudson's character, "'s okay to not have it all together all the time."

Just have to remind myself of that. Constantly. LOL

Anyway. :) I'm getting ready to crawl under the covers and pretend tomorrow won't ever come - because I don't want to go to work. And it's funny. Up until recently, I never really felt that way. I love what I do for a living..when I get to do it. But the excess crap? The corporate disregard for human beings..and total indifference to what they're doing..boggles my mind. And makes me sick.


That's me today, kids. :) Not so pretty today. But still kinda me.

We'll see who I am tomorrow.




Joonie Jatho said...

Looks like you had fun, Bliss! Lucky BusyBee to have you and her boi toi to celebrate with her!

Sorry to hear about your coworkers. It's tuff. So far, I have a job and for that, I am grateful. *knocks on wood*

Here's to today!

Huggies - Joonie

Parker said...

I am so sorry I missed the bash. I logged and went to bed early. Been doing that a lot lately. Perhaps it is an indication that I need to get into the practice of because a job is coming my way.

You keep having fun with your friends and we will keep reminding you that your life does not revolve around your work.

Kimala said...

hang in there bliss. I'm glad you got to ditch out and omg the cruise? and new shoes? THESE are the things we must hold on to.

I'll send some cupcakes your way today. I'm looking forward to a weekend of just being.