Friday, April 17, 2009

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things....

Actually, moments from vacation..LOL! I started this on the plane (clearly, I don't sleep on planes like normal people).

1. Realizing my GPS (which I rarely ever use in NY) always says..keep left, turn right. That makes for some VERY interesting driving, let me tell you.

2. Pulling into the McDonalds drive-thru with a car PACKED with people..realizing..we drove past the ordering board, and were now sitting on line waiting for food we didn't order.

3. Pulling up to the McDonalds window and then speeding by hysterically laughing because..well..we never ordered anything - what were we picking up?

4. Going to a Denny's for the FIRST time in my life.

5. Sitting on the balcony, watching the sun rise in complete and total silence. Something about it is picture worthy..but getting up to get a camera to take a picture..somehow ruins the moment.

6. Wanting to KISS Bev for sending me the address to the outlets out in LV that were 15 minutes away from me - especially since the ones I got from the concierge were 45 minutes away. :)

7. Of at the outlets - come on..a Dolce outlet? Who wouldn't be in heaven?

8. Taking this picture:

9. Not taking/answering ONE work related e-mail, voicemail or text.

10. Thinking..time on the West Coast moves a hell of a lot slower than it does on the East Coast. Bitches.

:) S'all for now.


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Parker said...

I do miss you so very much. Glad you are back on the East Coast. You seem relaxed and refreshed now. And you are not the only one who doesn't sleep on planes. Even when I am on a 24 hour flight I have difficulty sleeping.