Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Perez, Bullies and..Demi Lovato?

I love the concept. Anyone that has ever seen a kid be bullied or has ever been bullied, this is a great attempt at trying to put a stop to it. I love that it calls for parental involvement too!

Perez recently posted on his site comments that Demi Lovato made via Twitter about having to be homeschooled because she was bullied so horribly. She went on to comment about the deaths of two young people recently - suicides - as a result of bullying.

I can't imagine what it must feel like to be 11 and feel so helpless about bullies that I want to KILL myself. I grew up pretty lucky - I have more than enough siblings that I was NEVER picked on. And as I got older, I figured out how to hold my own without anyone backing me up. Now, as an adult, I still don't back down. I still believe that nobody has the right to put you down or hurt you - in any way. Bullies exist everywhere - from schools to supermarkets. But they only have the power you give them in life. That was lesson 45 from my dad, the best dad ever. I don't have kids of my own, but the little kids around me mean the world to me and I try very hard to convey to them what was taught to me as a child. You are special. You are loved. Nobody has the right to make you feel any other way.

So that's my soap box post for the day..while I sit trapped in my office since everyone's out with a stomach bug.

Hope you enjoyed.

P.S. - I would be Perez Hilton's neighbor if he'd let me - I love his awesome sense of self. ROFL


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Parker said...

Bless your heart. At least the co-workers aren't bringing it to work. Stay healthy.