Sunday, May 3, 2009

Plan B

So, this morning we went to my folks for Sunday breakfast - something we've decided to make the norm in our family. The weather's nice, it's a great way to start the week with all of us together - I get to play with my niece and my nephew - which I love.


My parents went to see Suzy Toronto yesterday, which I always find funny. My mom never keeps this stuff for herself - she bags all kinds of things and leaves it for me to take home. But this was actually cute.

Suzy Toronto ( writes these cute books with poetry/mantras, etc. The kind of thing that kind of helps pick you up when you're feeling kinda crappy.

So my mom had her autograph her latest book, "Wacky, Wonderful Women" for me and she brought it back with a TON of placards, magnets, notecards, etc. So I hit the website, and Suzy's always talking about Plan B.

I opened the Daily News and the vacation section says..Plan B.

So, I can take a hint. :) What is Plan B, you ask?

"Life is All About How you Handle Plan B. Plan A is always my first choice. You know, the one where Everything works out to be Happily ever-after. But more often than not, I find myself dealing with The upside-down, inside-out version -- Where nothing goes as it should. It's at this point that the real Test of my character comes in.. Do I sink, or do I swim? Do I wallow in self pity and play the victim, Or simply shift gears And make the best of the situation? The choice is all mine... Life is all about how you handle Plan B." - Suzy Toronto

This is the print my mom brought back for me (though this time, she brought back one for all of us girls..just different ones to suit our personalities..).

"Have you ever noticed how few people really live their lives?
They seem to just go through the motions
Looking towards next week or next month for some type of relief.

Instead decide to live fully every day of your life.
Proclaim today as your day,
And this very instant to be your moment for the taking..
For this day will never come again.
Next week and next month will still come,
But by will be gone forever."

:) I hope you check out the site, for inspiration, if anything at all.

Thanks, mom!


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Parker said...

Thank you for the insight and inspiration.