Saturday, June 20, 2009

Oh Wow...

So SL seems to be down..I'm home sick in bed with no energy to get up and do much. So I'm downloading new music and trying to sort through the e-mail I neglect in my home mailbox.

Of course, would I be satisfied just doing one thing at a time? Or two? Course not. So I googled myself.

Real me comes up twice - once for a college project I did and once for work.

But Blissie.

Good lord! She comes up a lot!

A lot of the search results were from Kim's blog (thanks, Kim!), some were quotes from me, Plurk info, yada yada.

So, sadly, I deleted my Plurk account. Let's face it - I used it for a day and that was it. I deleted my Blog Catalog thingie whatever. That too was only for a day of interest.

Then I started digging deeper into the search results.

I even fell into this one blog...more an RL blog of a girl I don't even recognize who described me (I'm thinking there's no RL Blissie Boucher?) as very generous with my friends..and we IMed?

And it makes me feel kinda shitty - I don't even KNOW her! I may - but I don't recognize her RL self. LOL I'm on a mission, though. To find her and thank her in SL.

I'm excited everything I searched and found was positive. No "what a rancid bitch" comments. :P

I don't set out to be everyone's best friend; I'd be a liar if I even THOUGHT of making that statement. But I'm happy that the people I am friends with DO consider me a good friend (I've always said, it works both ways - you get back what you give out. I can only be a good friend TO a good friend).

It takes me a very long time to warm up to people and even longer to let them into my life. There are some people I don't WANT to be friends with (for whatever reason). And I don't IM daily - not with many people. But I am always there - if you need to unload or if you need company; everyone is always welcome wherever I am (you know, except those super late night times with Mr. Moo).

I love you all and recognize that if it weren't for the good and the bad times in SL, I wouldn't be the person I am today.

So go Google yourself. :) See what comes up.


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Parker said...

I have googled all of me, more then once. That is Parky, DL and my real me. My real me (I am happy to say) leads a very quiet life. The writer me, DL, is pretty active as is the lovely Parky.

I went to one of my skip sites and searched Blissie Boucher all over the US. There are none, however there are 291 B. Boucher's nationwide. I don't make it a habit to run skiptrace on my friends, but if you ever need anyone traced, let me know.