Sunday, June 14, 2009

Okay. No more OMG blogs..I swear..

So let me try to keep this short and stuff, because I keep bubbling over everytime I think about it.

Friday, my favorite person in the world (whom I've decided I WILL marry) got tickets for me to see the NKOTB concert (with my sister and cousin).

So. We got there and our tickets weren't at will call yet - wouldn't be until 5. We hung out.....and found the gate leading to the band area OPEN with NO security around. So we tip toe through and get as far as rehearsal area when security (Big Earl, Donnie Wahlberg's guard) catches us and kindly escorts us BACK to the will call area.

Thankfully, he didn't eject us completely.

So finally, after loafing around for a while, we get the envelope with the tickets..


There are AFTER SHOW passes included.

Long story short, totally girl freaked out.

So we stage for the concert....which was amazing. The weather, despite ALL reported accounts, held up and there was no rain.

And afterwards we waited on the side with our After Show stickers on us.

And we were then....

Personally escorted to Jordan.

Let me tell you.

I just about DIED.

They were all hanging out backstage (post-shower) like normal people.

Like..seriously..normal people.

And I got to meet Jordan, who was REALLY nice. And Donnie, who also was REALLY nice.

But most importantly.

I got to meet Joey.

MY Joey.


And he leaned down and said..."you smell really good" right before taking a picture with me.

Yeah. He said it. And I was like..I'm gonna wear this perfume for the rest of my LIFE.

And then......there was some mojito sippage from his glass.

And my 856 pictures are downloading..

But let me tell you.

TIME of my life.

And for the greatest guy in the world who MADE this all possible? I leave you with some NKOTB lyrics. :)

"I don't care where we are, on the hood of my car
Out in public, making love in the streets
All alone, back at home, we can do anything you want
I'll give you heaven while we mess up the sheets."

Hey. :) Being thanked is sometimes the best part of doing something.

Heh heh heh

Okay, it's insanely late and I'm exhausted.



Yordie Sands said...

OMG, I mean, OMG. hehe

wtchy said...

don't you dare stop the OMG blogs! i LOVE them bliss! and hang on to that man, cuz he is a keeper for sure!

Joonie Jatho said...


You dreamed this, right? right?


Parker said...

I am bubbling up all over again for you. Can't wait to see the photos after they finish downloading. You post OMG posts whenever your heart needs to.