Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What People Think.....

I didn't realize, but most people always assume I'm always hanging out with someone.

Truth is..when I'm not with Moo or Bev, I'm usually alone. Either taking pictures or shopping.

So, don't assume. :) IM me if you wanna hang - I'll always make time when I can. I'm not the busy socialite you think I am. I'm just an afk wench! :)

Here's my latest shot (that I'm proud of at least...).



Parker said...

I love that shot. Very tasteful. I also love that tub. Need to come over and try it out. **peeking into Blissies busy social calendar to see when she won't be home**

Alas, when I see you on, Borday is on as well, so I automatically figure you are with him. I learned early on not to disturb couples. It keeps arguments from breaking out.

Bliss said...

That's crazy! Moo loves hanging out too! :) Silly, Parker.

wtchy said...

well i like parker don't bug you when moo is on either. but from now on think of me as the third wheel :)
what are we doing tonight? tomorrow night? how about sunday?

oooooo i can't wait!

in all seriousness, more often than not i am bored to tears on sl. i wander my store aimlessly a lot of the time, sneaking up on customers and playing sales lady. why do they always tp out after i say hi? *shrugs* so i love your article, it lets me know that i am not the only one :)

Parker said...

Well then I will be the spare tire. I sometimes wander around my pub looking for things to do and then I end up changing stuff and adding on and well...