Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sweet Dream or a Beautiful Nightmare...

So life's been kinda topsy turvy.

For a while I thought of following in Joonie's footsteps and ending this blog and starting a new one.

I thought about doing so much..saying so much..

I've been in a strange place in SL. Trying to figure out how to fix me..because I was really broken.

But trying to fix yourself without causing damage to those around you seems inevitable sometimes.

I thought to myself...

What do I want?

I want people in my life that aren't leeches - that have their own SL - their own friends and their own place.

I want people that have fun..that can listen..that can be just as open as I am without the drama.

And then there's history. I like people who understand where I came from in SL and who got me to the point I am. My old friends in SL made me who I am today. My new friends add to it.

My favorite moments in SL are stolen adventures. Wandering with Kim and Aeryn. Laying on my couch bullshitting with Bev. And ohhhhh..the Joonie shopping saved my sanity recently. Viting Moo at his gigs and hanging out. Tormenting C during his meetings. Hanging out with Ayn and Hart while they build. These are the things that make logging in worth it.

So my SL is gradually approaching picture perfect again.

I'm slowly returning to my old skin..figuring out that some stuff isn't worth the second thought I'd been giving it.

But my favorite moments in SL are private (not dirty, perv!) and hidden in voice with a good friend.

So I wish you all these stolen moments - they're the best.

Tell me, what are yours?


Friday, September 18, 2009

Happy Birthday..CAKE!

So, we all know Cake Boss is one of my fave shows..and Carlo's Bakery is my FAVORITE bakery on the East Coast (closly followed by Mike's Pastry in Boston).

So, my birthday cakes (I know, some kids can't get one - sorry) were both from Carlo's.

Cake #1 was vanilla cake with hazelnut mousse filling.

I'm still eating 1/2 of this cake today - it's SO insanely good, though.

Cake #2 was devil's food with chocolate mousse folling/

That cake was long gone before I could snap a pic of the inside.


:) So Buddy did an amazing job as always - nothing out of Carlo's Bakery has ever tasted anything BUT perfect.

And to my SL friends that sent birthday wishes and presents and song dedications to me - thank you! :) Especially a big thank you to Parker for ALL of the love and presents, and to Crighton for sneaking this BB's birthday in with the original BB's birthday. my better half, Bev, who snuck in and decorated my apartment. :) I love you! I couldn't have ASKED for a better surprise. :)

Thanks everyone!


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Random Thoughts..on DJs....

My entrance into Second Life was fashion based.

Things shifted a little while into SL and music quickly took the focus. I've been in the company of the BEST and of the REST.

So, for future DJs, let me give you some tips from a professional groupie:

1. Be chatty. Be it on the mic or in chat - if you don't say SOMETHING to your audience, you'll lose them.

2. Take requests. :) Playing what you love is great, but playing what the audience loves too helps.

3. If you have a girlfriend or a GIRL..or a wife..whatever..her requests should always come first. :) She shows up at your gigs..she goes through drama..all while supporting you. The least you can do is play her songs first. ;-)

4. Remember your hostess. She works just as hard as you do. :) She sees and hear what you don't while you're working. Remind folks to tip her, tell her what a great job she's doing - whatever.

5. Mix. It. Up. If your playlist is the same 3 times a week, people WILL get bored and stop coming. Don't wonder why - I just told you.

Not a lot of tips. :) Just stuff I've learned.

I'll always say that being around Crighton and Borday has spoiled me as a groupie. Two years later and Crighton hasn't forgotten my favorite song requests. Two years later and Borday's laughter on the mic still makes me laugh too. It's the little DJ things that stick with you. The way they take time during their shows to greet people in the audience, to say hello, to tell jokes, to share their passion with their fans - that's what makes them great DJs. :) The best, I like to say.

Borday always taught me that..ANY DJ can play a top 40 list. A great DJ can play popular, old school, requests, unknown and still have a great show.

That's all I've got today.

No deep thoughts.

:) Just a little insight from club visiting....


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Welcome to some early morning musings where clearity is not promised.

Today is my nephew's first day of school. So I called him to wish him luck.

When I asked him if he was a little nervous, he offered up a one word answer - terrified.

See..all of his 3rd grade friends were not going to be in his 4th grade class.

I can understand the fear. It's like running a race with strangers who, should you trip and fall, may or may not stop to help you up. Scary little sink or swim mentality for a nine year old, I think.

As adults, it's called adaptation. Learning to keep running no matter how much the pack of animals around you changes - baring down and running through the metaphorical leg cramps, back pain, headaches and sore muscles.

I can see why it would make a kid barfy from fear - it makes me barfy to think of all the change - losses and gains - we go through in life.

I wish I could be there with him in school - so he'd never feel lonely or scared - or like nobody cared. But I can't'.

So, much like with myself, I kinda hope and pray stuff works out and his sweet little personality doesn't get crushed in the process of getting ready for the race.

Good luck to you and yours in the race. This runner's taking a detour - maybe the scenic route? I can't run with the pack anymore.


Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Very Excellent Adventures of....

Blissie and Bev!!

We were good luck charms for the very excellent Cal Quan - who won back his Heavyweight Champ belt at Feverlast. We were nuns who invaded the devil's land of metal! LOL

Okay, really I'm just sharing pics. :)

Have a great weekend!!!