Friday, September 18, 2009

Happy Birthday..CAKE!

So, we all know Cake Boss is one of my fave shows..and Carlo's Bakery is my FAVORITE bakery on the East Coast (closly followed by Mike's Pastry in Boston).

So, my birthday cakes (I know, some kids can't get one - sorry) were both from Carlo's.

Cake #1 was vanilla cake with hazelnut mousse filling.

I'm still eating 1/2 of this cake today - it's SO insanely good, though.

Cake #2 was devil's food with chocolate mousse folling/

That cake was long gone before I could snap a pic of the inside.


:) So Buddy did an amazing job as always - nothing out of Carlo's Bakery has ever tasted anything BUT perfect.

And to my SL friends that sent birthday wishes and presents and song dedications to me - thank you! :) Especially a big thank you to Parker for ALL of the love and presents, and to Crighton for sneaking this BB's birthday in with the original BB's birthday. my better half, Bev, who snuck in and decorated my apartment. :) I love you! I couldn't have ASKED for a better surprise. :)

Thanks everyone!


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Parker said...

Awwwww You so deserve a grand day. I am so very happy you were born (RL and SL). I will just take all the strawberries off the second cake and leave the cake and icing for you.