Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sweet Dream or a Beautiful Nightmare...

So life's been kinda topsy turvy.

For a while I thought of following in Joonie's footsteps and ending this blog and starting a new one.

I thought about doing so much..saying so much..

I've been in a strange place in SL. Trying to figure out how to fix me..because I was really broken.

But trying to fix yourself without causing damage to those around you seems inevitable sometimes.

I thought to myself...

What do I want?

I want people in my life that aren't leeches - that have their own SL - their own friends and their own place.

I want people that have fun..that can listen..that can be just as open as I am without the drama.

And then there's history. I like people who understand where I came from in SL and who got me to the point I am. My old friends in SL made me who I am today. My new friends add to it.

My favorite moments in SL are stolen adventures. Wandering with Kim and Aeryn. Laying on my couch bullshitting with Bev. And ohhhhh..the Joonie shopping saved my sanity recently. Viting Moo at his gigs and hanging out. Tormenting C during his meetings. Hanging out with Ayn and Hart while they build. These are the things that make logging in worth it.

So my SL is gradually approaching picture perfect again.

I'm slowly returning to my old skin..figuring out that some stuff isn't worth the second thought I'd been giving it.

But my favorite moments in SL are private (not dirty, perv!) and hidden in voice with a good friend.

So I wish you all these stolen moments - they're the best.

Tell me, what are yours?



Joonie said...

Bliss - I'm so glad you didn't do what I did! Do I regret it? No, I needed a clean slate to start from.

We can't undo the past, but hopefully, we can learn from it and move forward a little bit wiser and with more self-knowledge. At least I think that's how it's supposed to work! LOL

The things that keep me coming back to SL are my friends and music. Yes, I can and do have both in RL. But there is something about SL friendships that is different. We except each other as we are without knowing much other than the things we say and do.

All that to say...

Yo! Blissie in da houZe!

Love you!

Yordie Sands said...

Hi Blissie... I'm glad you are working things out. There's a lot of us working things out this fall.

Like you, like Joonie, I considered closing my blog recently. I can't understand I these things happen, it's like a repeating cycle.

I think we just have to make SL work somehow... erm, like real life maybe. SL still beats a lot of other activities, like watching television.

Hugzzz, Yordie