Sunday, February 21, 2010


You'd think my last blog would be enough to send Cisqo running for the hills - disgusted by my lack of SL commitment.

It did not. For Valentine's Day, we weren't around he gave me my gift on Thursday evening.

My gift? A JCNY Wedding Ring SET.

So I froze, in awkward silence for a moment. Thanked him. Teased him. I think we had a fight on Friday about the ring - sometimes I can't tell.

And tonight, everyone's gone to bed, so I decided to try the ring on. Just for the heck of it.

Can't hurt, right?

Damn you JCNY. This is a REALLY nice ring. Actually, it comes with the engagement ring, the wedding bang and the set of two together.

It even comes with a LOOK AT MY RING animation!

Does wearing the ring say more than I intend to? Is it REALLY just a ring? Does the proposal make the ring, or does the ring make the proposal?

I'm on the fence about it. Literally. The last time I wore a ring, I was with Borday. We weren't married, but I wore the ring. I'm over thinking this whole thing, I know.




wtchy said...

OMG!!!! that ring is gorgeous!
i vote "just a ring" :D

wear it biatch!

Joonie said... is beautiful.

Bliss said...

You two...

No help. LOL

Parker said...

I am not a good person to ask about rings. I do not want an engagement ring IF, I ever get engaged again in RL. In SL I wear the ruby claddagh I bought myself a couple years ago. However, the ring looks nice on you and only the two of you can determine the meaning behind the giving, receiving and wearing of them.