Sunday, June 13, 2010

Introducing Cisqo..

So this is a little overdue, I think.

Meet Cisqo, my other half.

Cute, isn't he?

It was a decision that took a long time for me to make..

I swore I'd never settle down ever again.

But I'm kinda glad I did.

When my dad got sick, Cisqo stayed up a lot of nights IMing with me to help me stay awake for the night shifts at the hospital. Consequently, we both went through a lot in RL after we met, and I don't believe it was just coincidence that we met when we did. The thing I love about SL is that it can bring people into your life you otherwise would never have known.

It's still relatively new to me - not being selfish and bratty - which is what I was I got used to doing after Moo and I ended.

I have no idea what's in store for us - but I think whatever it is..I'm down for the ride. :)



Joonie said...

Nice to meet you, Cisqo. As long as you make Bliss happy, we're all good! ;) LOL

*smooches Bliss* Does he know about us? ;)

Love ya gf!


wtchy said...

/me looks at joonie with one eyebrow raised.... blissie..... you got some splainin to dooooooooo :D

Cisqo is wifey approved! as is joonie! :)

Bliss said...

LOL! He does for the most part. Not everyone, though. :) He's not on a lot - not enough to stomp all over SL with me and meet my friends.

The bum.