Friday, June 4, 2010

Summer Days..

:) Oh, the lazy busy summer days in New York City.

Rooftop parties, evening dinners..outdoor summer dresses..sunglasses..the sweet chill of air conditioning..ponytails..the ICE CREAM TRUCK! :)

I love the summer in NYC.

It occupies a lot of my time, and sucks me away from SL some. But it doesn't mean I don't love my friends - I do! :) So if we don't get to see each other - I apologize. And if we do, I'm thankful.

I recently got the chance to just kick back with my old friends - even if it was sitting in my Connected office. :) But it was totally worth it. And Moo and I were able to hang out and explore a cattle ranch as well.

And bestie gets the short end of the stick with me. So I owe her the biggest apology. By the time she gets to me, I'm falling asleep on my computer.

And Cisqo..well. Cisqo keeps the same wacky SL schedule I do, so our time is BEYOND limited.

So here's to you enjoying your summer as well - hopefully with a margarita in hand, and maybe laying on the beach. :)


1 comment:

Joonie said...

Miss you, Bliss! But I know you're happy just like you deserve =)