Monday, July 5, 2010

Starting Over

First of all, let me just say a genuine thank you to US troops around the world for all that they do and all that they stand for. I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July (I say it in the past tense because it's 1 AM for me - so the 4th is over).

I was lucky enough to get to spend some Sunday down time with my bestie, the lovely Beverly Zauberflote. It was nice, just being able to hang out and chit chat (not that she's not subjected to my constant chatter on a regular basis). But usually I'm wrapped up in something else or focused on something else..and so I was really happy we got to just goof off together.

And hanging out with Bev got me to thinking.

How do we make it through?

How do we, as normal human beings, make it through everything life hands (or throws) us?

I think, on a very basic level, it becomes fight or flight.

Some people choose to kill their avis and start over.

And there are other people. People like me, who choose to fight..who choose to accept things the way they are and push through.

It's confusing, I know.

Let me give you a hypothetical example:

Meet Second Life avi, Jane Doe. Jane Doe meets and falls in love with SL avi, John Dee. What Jane doesn't know is that John has a girlfriend on the side. Until one day Jane busts John in a lie and finds out he's living an illicit double life with a whole SL family and prim babies. Jane's friends find out, and it's now the talk of SL. Profile drama, IM gossip. You name it.

Jane's faced with two choices.

She can remain as Jane Doe..and move on. She can wait for the gossip to die down and she can, as they say, roll with the SL punches and hope that normalcy resumes (well, as normal as SL life can be).


Jane can kill her avi off, sell her land and create a new avi who never has to deal with any of Jane's old life. She can meet and marry a new SL guy without ever having to address the old one.

Here's the thing, though....

How does one forget who they are? How do you detach yourself, the user, from Jane, the avi? How is that possible at ALL? How do you "forget" Jane's friends, her enemies, her loves, her hates, her inventory, her EXPERIENCES? Try as you might, I don't think you really ever can.

Jane is as much a part of you as you are a part of her.

Jane's fooling herself if she thinks that she can walk away and become Lorna Doe and never think about Jane again.

Do you never speak to your friends again? Do you become your old friend's a new avi?

See, to me..there IS no starting over.

Just pushing on.

It's like real life in a way.

Yes, you have your shitty times, and yes, you have the people that gnaw at your insides. But the thing grow..and you move on.

You stay on as Jane, and realize that the things you thought you'd never will survive. Sure it'll suck for a while - whatever it is - but when you get through it and you look back, you say to yourself..

Damn that was some learning experience.

:) Hopefully, that's what you'll be able to say.


To anyone who's thinking about starting over, let me just explain that I'm not saying DON'T start over. I'm just saying..what's the point? You'll survive the whatever..and be okay.

But that's just my humble opinion, kids.

:) Have a fabulous night.



Yordie Sands said...

Right on, Blissie! I know what you mean (I was close to offing Yordie Sands last year around this time). But damnit, I am Yordie Sands.

And you are Blissie Boucher with people who lookup to you. And even tho I don't hang with you much anymore, I am glad that you are there in my friends list.

SL is so nuts and its nuts too often really, but "it is what it is." As for gossip, I know that sickening feeling to wonder what people might be saying about you, but people who would trash you aren't the kind of people you give a damn about anyway.

Yes, start over. Reinvent yourself. Find new things to do. Geezus, this place is soooo full of new things when you start looking outward.

Hugzzzz girlfriend

wtchy said...

How did you get so smart you young whipper snapper??? i love you girlfriend!

Joonie said...

Bingo! <3

Kimala said...

and THAT is why I love you so much Ms. BLISSIE BOUCHER... that crazy girl from One World :)

*hugs you tightly*