Sunday, November 14, 2010

Have You Met....


I know, I know.  I don't blog about him as much as I did Mr. Moo.

Doesn't mean he's not very important to me.

:)  For the record, we celebrated our one year anniversary together last month.  One year since we met in a seedy year since he tried to take me on a date and I tried to ditch him..and one year since he had dinner in my apartment with me and we started talking, and I realized that this guy wasn't like other SL guys (Moo excluded). 

Over that year our RLs got CRAZY.  But we stuck it out, and I know now that......sometimes you get what you need when you NEED it, not when you want it. 

We laugh like nut jobs together..and he's so laid back..he makes ME laid back. 

:)  Whaddaya think?  Another year on the horizon?


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