Sunday, March 20, 2011

Pray for Japan

What's going on in Japan right now is mind blowing.  An earthquake..then a tsunami..and now a potential nuclear threat?  Crazy.  It's almost more like a movie than reality.   

While it's hard to find in SL - there is one reputable source for donating money to aid the quake/tsunami victims in Japan - the Red Cross.  My heart goes out to everyone there, and to anyone who isn't there, but has loved ones affected.

There are a lot of different sims in SL trying to raise money and awareness - so check them out if you can.  I spent a little time at La Triste Luna ( 

There, I found the most beautiful rock garden.  Four rocks with different words etched into them.  Hope, Love, Dream, and Live.     

Pray for Japan - the people really need it right now. 


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