Saturday, April 16, 2011

My Story..

My SL story began in a 50L dress store.  It's where I lived as a noob. 

My story and I then moved to a skybox apartment next to an old friend.  In lieu of furniture, I had photo frames all over the art gallery of my noob days.

I left my solo story behind and moved into a beautiful snowy cabin with Mr. Moo.  :)  From a snowy cabin, we moved to a beach paradise.  And then to a fall forest cabin.

My story and I continued on to an NYC apartment skybox.  Then another one.

Then a home filled with skylights and warmth.

Then to a dome with an amazing waterfall built in. 

Then to a snowy cabin in a dome.

Back to the beach.

And now, once again, in a small apartment in the sky.

My home has reflected change in friendships.  Changes in taste, changes in loves, changes in everything in my slife.

What does your home story say about you..?


Yordie Sands said...

Hey Yay!! Love the new blog look and feel. As for that question of yours, woe that's a tough one, Blissie!

My home story is about a lot of moving around. I hadn't really thought about it till you mentioned it here. Yipes, I'm an itnerant avatar.

Bliss said...

I never thought about it until I started writing the post about what "home" in SL really was to me.

And the reality is..I never realized I've lived so many places! LOL

In the beginning, I didn't even care where I lived or how. It was just a place to change clothes!

Crazy, huh?

Thanks for the love on the blog look!