Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Music Lane..

Attended the Colbie Caillat record release party tonight.

:)  Reminded me of the days when Moo and CJ would play "Bubbly" for me at the clubs. 

Performing "Midnight Bottle"
Performing "Lucky" with Jason Young (I think Jason....)

So funny how songs..and music in general have really shaped my SL experience.  From the original days of AC/DC to the New Boyz..I've been exposed to so many amazing artists and types of music.  For every song..there is an SL memory memory to go along with it - a dance, a joke, a club, a friend...

I hope you all have your SL music memories too, and think of them often.  :)  Do you ever wonder..if without our music..would we all have ever met? 

Have an amazing night.  I know I did.


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Leanna Chaffe said...

For every song..... there is a SL memory!!! Hugz