Monday, July 25, 2011

No Words..

It is with deep sadness that I type this blog today.  Borday Moo's father passed away on Saturday, July 23rd.  If you'd like, Borday has left his Facebook for everyone to keep up to date.!/profile.php?id=100001391834117&sk=wall's

My thoughts and prayers are with Borday and his family. 

It's my understanding that his father was taken by cancer - the most foul and devastating of illnesses I've ever personally witnessed.

If you'd like to make a donation in honor of Borday's dad (no, I will not be giving out his real name), you can go to the American Cancer Society

I tried to find an appropriate psalm or quote....but I can't.  All I have is my love and light to send.  It's on it's way, Moo.  Be well.


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