Sunday, October 16, 2011

2 Years and Counting..

How do I explain Cisqo? 

Well......he's my favorite Colbie Caillat love songs made real.  He's sweet, funny and so hot.  He makes me feel so..happy that I can't find the words to describe it. 

He's the guy that met me..and wanted to introduce me to his friends and landlord and make me a part of his world without question or hesitation. 

He's the guy that when I hesitated and stepped back from relationships, he sat patiently and waited for me.  We used to joke that I lived on the corner of Mistrust Lane and Suspicion Blvd.  And he was sitting on my porch steps waiting for me to let him in.

But I did.  And I'm not sorry.

He's been the most drama free romance I've had in Second Life.  A two year drama free record?  Hello?  That's unheard of. 

:)  I dunno..what do you say?  Two more years?

I dedicate this super sappy song to him. 


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