Sunday, October 23, 2011

Going Home..

I had a long conversation with a very old friend last night about relationships.

See, a long time ago, I made a statement that stuck with her. 

No matter how far I wander, or where my SLife may take me, I always find my way back home. 

Home being the one place that you always belonged - never felt like a stranger..never needed to explain yourself..just the place where you could be you. 

I still stand behind that statement - that we all have a place that is home; whether it is romantic or a clique..we know where we are happiest.

For me, Mr. Moo was always home.  Even when we ended our romantic relationhip, we were still friends.  Still neighbors.  Still there.  When I was down, sad or bored..he was always there for me, and vice versa.  He was my SL home.

So now..take stock of those in your life.  Where do you feel like your home truly is?


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