Sunday, October 30, 2011

Looking For Love in All the..Virtual Places..?

So, I've recently gone on a campain to hold singles mixers at the Savoy Jazz Club.  But in order for me to understand what would lure a single person into the Savoy, I needed to know what the single scene actually was like.  I was single in SL for maybe all of 3 months, and that was two years ago. 

So, I searched up Singles.  What I found, actually really surprised me.  SL is a a hub services.  I wandered a few to see how things were run and what the candidates looked like.  Something that struck me as odd..was that a lot of the avis there were very new to SL.  Maybe two to three months old. 

So that leaves me to SL not any fun without a partner? 

So, I IMed one of the avis hanging around the dating service and asked him why he was there.  Why didn't he hit places like Phat Cats or Franks for loving?

His answer was simple..and actually made a lot of sense.  He said..

"Not everyone at those places is interested in anything more than dancing."

So..where do you go when you're looking for love?

I've honestly never had to look for love in SL.  It kinda always..happened.  Even when I didn't want it.  

How far would you go in SL to find love?


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