Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Evolution of the Chase

So let me nutshell this for you lovely folks.  Here's how things go in the story of Boy and Girl:

1.  Boy meets Girl.
2.  Boy decides he will do anything to get Girl.
3.  Girl plays hard to get.
4.  Boy can't get enough time with Girl.
5.  Girl falls for Boy.
6.  Boy loses interest and spends more time with other things.
7.  Girl tries to get his attention, with no luck.
8.  Boy believes that having won the girl..means he won't lose her.
9.  Girl leaves.  Boy has no idea why.
10. Repeat the cycle.

And NOW!  Some music love for you. 

One of my favorite voices of SL shared this cover of "Wicked Games" by HIM.  Check it out.  :) 


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