Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My Lovely Lady Lumps: Part 1 - Knowing Them

Okay, let's face it.  Boys and girls love the lady lumps.  :) But like with all things, you've got to perform maintenance.

The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation recommends a 3-step approach to breast cancer screening that includes, depending on a woman's age, a combination of mammography, clinical breast exams and breast self-exams.
  • Monthly breast self-exam beginning by age 20.
  • Clinical breast exam at least every 3 years beginning at age 20, and annually from age 40 on.
  • Annual screening mammograms beginning at age 40.
Women with a family history of breast cancer or other concerns about their personal risk should consult with a health care provider. Screening tests may need to be done more often and/or started earlier than usual.
As part of a total approach to breast health, women should become familiar with own bodies, play an active role in their health, and develop a close partnership with their health care providers. (www.checkyourboobies.org)

Did you hear that?  Learn your own body.  There's nothing perverted or gross about it.  How will you know if a strange lump forms....if you don't know your own body?

Even in SL an avi can get a little breast exam education (courtesy of the AMCC Hospital -

Step 1 - Lift your left arm up, and place your hand at the back of your head.

Step 2 - Move the fingers on your right hand in a spiral motion around your left breast, starting from the outside and working towards the nipple.

Step 3 - Move the fingers on your right hand in an up and down motion moving from left to right across your breast.

Step 4 - Move the fingers on your right hand in the outline of an eight pointed star across your breast, returning to the nipple with each line.

I know, I know.  Who can find the time, right?
Well, the truth is......you can.  It's your health, and 15 minutes once a month won't completely ruin your over-packed schedule.

Handy Breast Self-Awareness Cards are available (by mail and download) from the Susan G. Komen Foundation (http://ww5.komen.org/Content.aspx?id=8934) as well as more information on Self-Exams (http://ww5.komen.org/BreastCancer/BreastSelfExam.html).  They'll even send you monthly e-mails to REMIND you of your self exam. 

Develop your breast awareness, and then set a time once a month for your monthly self-exam.  I promise..you won't regret it.

Come back for our next post on.....DUN DUN DUN.....doctor's visits, pap smears and mammograms!  Things that make you go..ugh......  :)


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Anonymous said...

This is soooo informative. I love this post! Thank you so much, Bliss!

Anabelle said...

Nice tatas and good to save em by doing your monthly self exam :D

Paisley Mizin said...

Well done.

Yordie Sands said...

Really great post, Blissie!