Sunday, February 5, 2012

Undead and.....A Series (of crap) By Mary Janice Davidson

Okay, so seriously..I loved this series.


As in the past tense.

I have stuck with this series and this author for a few years now......and I gotta say.

This book is so seriously fucked up at this point, they should just kill everyone in the book and start over.
The lunacy.  The redundancy.  The complete lack of respect for the reader.

What started out as a great series..turned to crap.  Serious..hardcore CRAP.

Every book repeats the same thing over and over and over.  I guess to catch a reader up that's starting in the middle of the series (what asshole does that?).  But for me, it happened so MUCH in the book, it was sickening.

And then!  And THEN!  The 9th part of the series..has her completely.......for lack of a better term....FUCKING THE WHOLE STORY UP!


Killing Sinclair! 


Dear Mary Janice Davidson.  I would kick you in the knee RIGHT now if I could.


Their romance was seriously ALL that made the book worth reading. 

And now........


Fuck you.  I'm not reading parts 10 and 11.

Because that's a shitty way to treat your readers, and your characters would kick you too, I'm sure.

Pardon my late night rants.  But seriously.  What..the fuck!?


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